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ALEXANDER is a Chino Wedding Videographer with roots and interests in both film, music, and photography. Primarily raised in the city of Chino Hills, California Alexander grew up consistently with a camera in hand finding new ways to tell familiar stories we all know and love.  


ACH Wedding Films is led by independent filmmaker Alexander Hoggard, as he seeks to push the limits of wedding cinematography with his creative mind and professional experience.

With his formative years largely spent split between Los Angeles and Chino Hills, Alexander's journey was defined by an unyielding companionship with his camera, consistently innovating ways to breathe new life into familiar stories.


Weddings have emerged as an avenue for Alexander to cultivate his artistic finesse, captivating audiences with dynamic camera work, cinematic lighting, and authentic human experiences. Alexander's portfolio bears witness to not just his technical prowess, but also his ability to encapsulate the intricate emotions and cherished moments that define the wedding experience.


Firmly rooted in Southern California, Alexander's distinctive approach to wedding cinematography bridges the gap between real and surreal, ensuring that every frame is a timeless heirloom that resonates with couples infinitely.  Having been featured in Voyage LA's Magazine focusing on up and coming filmmakers and ShoutOut LA Magazine, you can read more of Alexander's journey below:



Fun Facts About Alexander:

-He's Vegan 

-Grows Organic Vegetables 

-Loving Husband and Father 

-Has Backpacked Europe 

-Loves Dogs 

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